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2023 Eckroth Music Band Night Parade

2023 Eckroth Music Band Night Parade

Date(s): May 12 2023

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Friday May 12th at North Dakota State Capitol Grounds
On the second Friday in May at 6:30 pm, each and every year (weather permitting), Eckroth Music is proud to bring the joy and excitement of the "Band Night" parade to Bismarck North Dakota. School marching bands show off their talent while beauty queens, non-profits, and local businesses from all over the northern mid-west march along with them, giving immeasurable support. Since its inception, it is impossible to guess how many kids, parents, and families have been impacted by the celebration of arts in the community that the parade represents. This one single event drives the futures of so many, and makes the Bismarck community a better place all year long. The details, planning, and implementation of this night are overwhelming, but the effect is immeasurable. For everyone involved in the parade's success each and every year, thank you for diving in and making this experience so wonderful!